To the Ministry Of Defence we marched

On February 10 I went with my little brother and Adel Farouk to Elfat-h mosque in Ramsis – That was the second time for me to see that mosque since January 28, 2011 – to join the march from there to the ministry of defence demanding the SCAF to leave the power as they did not announce when will the presidential elections be held till that moment.

After the prayer some people gathered on the stairs of the mosque and started chanting “The people and the army are one hand” and “Leave! Leave!” – For us to leave- so we started the march chanting “Down Down with the military rule”. People kept joining us all the way, we marched for almost five hours and it was HUGE!

On our way we stopped by the headquarters of the Freedom & Justice Party – The Muslim Brotherhood – and started chanting against Badie – Their leader – for being against the revolution. Then we stopped by the building where the martyr Mohammed Khaled lived, he got murdered in the Port Said incident. We kept chanting for him and it was so emotional.

On our way we received a lot of insults from the “Honourable Egyptians” as the SCAF likes to call them but the number of people who were supporting us without being in the march was huge. One of the best moments was when a lady carrying her baby lead the chants from her balcony and thousands chanted after her.

I have to thank Eslam Abo ElAzm for being with me the whole day and introducing me to all the people I wanted to meet. The day was hectic but it was hilarious at the same time seeing people stopping to sit on the pavement to rest a little from being exhausted from walking not from tear gas as usual. We walked around 15 kilo meters!




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