Choose something right to be proud of

I noticed through the past years how people make some frustrating choices when it comes to things that they are being proud of such as but not limited to religion, colour, gender, nationality etc.. basically a lot of people fall to choosing something they have been born with to be proud of.

Whenever I start this debate the typical answer that I get is usually “So you are not proud of being a Copt? not proud of being a man? are you ashamed of being Egyptian?” Which I really don’t understandو as I don’t see the point of being proud or ashamed of something I was born with and moreover, something that does NOT define my personality.

Maybe the whole “Muslim and proud” thing started after the Islamophobic wave kicked in after 9/11 but still it doesn’t make sense for me just as last December in one of the far right’s demonstrations in Stockholm a guy stood wearing a shirt saying “Thank God for being born white”! .. A person should be proud of achievements not some cultural or religious inheritance.


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