During the recent clashes in Abasseya at the Ministry Of Defence Mohamed Hazem, Adel Khattab & Ahmed Magdy got arrested. Mohammed Hazem was taken from Ein Shams Hospital as he was injured. After the first day Ahmed Magdy was released while Adel Khattab got 15 days as he had no ID on him.

On the Second day May 5 2012 at C28 – The Military Court Complex in Nasr City- the military police attacked the protesters who went in solidarity with the detainees. Everyone got severely beaten and another two GUCians were arrested AbdelHamid Mekkawi and Ahmed AbdelHak.

Three girls were beaten, Yousra ElKelesly got a finger dislocated and bruises on her back, Alaa ElAttar got punched in the face and she was grabbed by her hair as well as bruises on her back as well, Nesma ElAshmawy got five stitches in her head. Finally, Mohammed Dawood and Mostafa Gamal both got their heads injured after getting beaten with batons putting into consideration that this was Mostafa Gamal’s second head injury as his first one was only 4 days before that at the MOD.

Students who were sentenced to 15 days are going to get their whole semester dropped in the case of not attending for 15 days which would affect their expected graduation dates specially that we are currently by the end of the semester and they went on a sit-in that lasted 21 days and a strike that went for a week which would make it pretty impossible to enter the final exams unless the university makes an exception for them which is not likely to happen.


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