Halting Egypt’s presidential elections

It all started with ElAhram’s breaking news saying “Egypt’s Administrative Court on Wednesday evening suspended presidential elections set for 23/24 May”

Then ElTahrir newspaper published the news in details saying “Hatem Amer the president of the administrative court ruled halting the presidential elections expected on 23/24 May and transferring the ‘isolation law’ to the constitutional court”, The isolation law was suggested by the parliament to isolate the regime’s remnants from running for the presidential elections.

At almost the same timing ElWatan news published that the ‘sources’ stated that the administrtive court denied such a verdict.

While on TV channels ElHayat and CBC the news bar showed that “SCAF denies halting the presidential elections” Then on AlQahera ElYoum they elaborated saying that “The SCAF got no info of the ruling of the administrative court”

Update 10:02 PM: ElShorouk Newspaper announced that the Administrative court only denied the Elections Committee’s decision of calling people for voting as it is the SCAF’s duty and the elections will not be suspended

Update 10:30 PM: Again ElAhram’s Update announces that the ruling was to suspend the elections!

Update 10:40 PM: On the first reaction from the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC): They stated that they have not received the court ruling yet and they will study it then either appeal against the ruling or think of alternatives.

From my own point of view, this whole issue is just to assure that the SCAF has the final say in everything and that is it. My expected scenario is that the SCAF will “Call for the people to vote” and this whole fuss will end, everybody will be happy again and that would be the end of the story!


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