I wish I knew what I wanted

#AyKalam = My Random Shit!


Searching for a reasonable priority

But all my dreams are wild

They say I should have responsibility

But I got tired of being mild


Many goals yet to be accomplished

But I’m just standing still

Maybe frustrated or feeling devastated

I still believe that I have the will


I tried to calm my troubled mind

Just for a while it felt so good

I got angry, mad .. Then whined

It felt perfect, or I just knew it should


All my dreams are far beyond fiction

That is why I feel so exiled

Wish I had a crystal clear vision

Instead of depending on this silly tide


A lot of history should get shredded

In need for a new start instead of this wrecked

I just wish I knew what I wanted

Or even got the mission triggered!



About justanegyptian

Just An Egyptian
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