A stand against sexual harassment ends with sexual harassment

Yesterday there was a planned stand in Tahrir against sexual harassment as for Wednesday and Thursday many girls and women reported being sexually harassed. It was scheduled to start at 6 pm in front of Hardee’s on Tahrir square but we started at around 7 on Mohammed Mahmoud street with a line of of people along the street carrying panels with statements written against sexual harassment.

More men and women joined the stand and then girls started chanting against sexual harassment, some of the chants were:

“صوت المرأة مش عورة ، صوت المرأة ثورة ثورة” – Women’s voice isn’t a sin, Women’s voice is a revolution.

“التحرش مش هيفيدك .. جرب تانى هقطع إيدك” – Sexual harassment won’t benefit you, try again and I’ll cut off your hand.

“إبعت هات متحرشين .. مش هنطاطى ولا هنلين” – Bring more harassers, we won’t bow or soften”

During the chants a lot of people would pass by commenting on the girl’s clothing saying that “It is the girls’ fault for wearing “revealing” clothes and that is why they get harassed”, a lot of heated debates here and there went with those people convincing them that the same guy who harasses those girls are the same guys harassing the veiled and even women wearing the niqab as well, a lot of them agreed in the end as far as I can tell.

At 7:30 pm we decided to march to Talaat Harb (One street away) going through Tahrir square, in the middle between the two streets, at Bab El-Louk street  a lot of men attacked the march at the same moment grabbing the girls, a fight started and we were just trying to protect as many girls as possible. The fight proceeded to back and forth, we bumped into a lot of carts belonging to people selling stuff on the square so they threw barrels of water on us trying to get us away from their goods. The fight went then to Talaat Harb street as two other girls were trapped at the entrance of a building after ten minutes we managed to get them out safe.

The real heroes that night whom I saw fighting in the middle of everything were Leil-Zahra, Ahmad Aggour, Andy and Ahmad Mekki.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the first time for a group of men to attack a women’s march that bad as it happened before on the Women’s international day in 2011.


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7 Responses to A stand against sexual harassment ends with sexual harassment

  1. Nh says:

    What a disaster. May God help u.

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