How I see feminism

It became a bit silly how feminism is always accompanied by criticizing men and how they oppress women. It is a fact that women are oppressed and discriminated against specially in third world countries.

To be specific, the Egyptian media always showed feminists in the figure of a strong woman who works while her husband takes care of the kids and the housework ending in her husband begging her to divorce him while she refuses to torture him. It is all based up on mirroring what happens in society but with the roles exchanged.

Going from the extreme to another extreme or the idea of an oppressed group oppressing another one is explainable. But, what the problem is that majority of the people rarely realizes that the whole feminism movement is supposedly against women and not men.

Yes, against women. If we went back tracing the roots of the problem which is the patriarchal society in Egypt, realizing that the ones keeping it this way are women is inevitable. Women are the ones raising men to act this way thus, the movement is supposedly against those women raising a girl teaching her to act as a maid for her brother or teaching her son to “look after” his older sister or technically spying on her etc…

I can remember my friend’s mother who once told me that “Female circumcision is dignifying for women as the woman won’t have the need for her husband so she won’t bother him or look for pleasure elsewhere”. The whole feminists’ movement should be against those kind of Egyptian women who are not seen in the media nor mentioned in opinion pieces. As far as I know, if we got to educate those women on how to raise kids on sexless basis, then we would eventually reach equality and the problem would be pretty much over.


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5 Responses to How I see feminism

  1. omen says:

    part of being an adult is recognizing the need to reassess what we were taught as kids. and instead of going through life as a preprogrammed robot, learning to be conscious of our choices and living according to the values we believe in, not by reflex that’s developed from previous conditioning.

    the old “but this is what i was taught as a kid!” line is cop out. and not a very good excuse for practicing unenlightened behavior.

    • That makes sense of course but given that the majority has no tools of research to educate themselves, it is illogical to keep on blaming men for their patriarchy while women are agreeing with such horrible behaviour

      • omen says:

        you have a point. i’ve seen too many women sabotage one another.

        mona needs to write a follow up op-ed: why do we hate ourselves?

  2. Mona is a friend and this has nothing to do with it.

  3. Sergio says:

    It’s a fascinating condnurum this. I am committed to reasonable feminist ideals and regard myself as much a feminist as a male can be. I am committed to equality and the sharing of respect and trust. I abhor violence against women and the all too pervaisive climate of fear in which many women need to lead their lives. Yet, the over-zealous femmes who want to right the wrongs by use of the same mental attitudes they rail against really harm the cause. I can certainly understand their anger and sympathise with their frustration but recognise that their approach is not going to solve this most fundamental and complex of issues.

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