My problem with the “Sharia”

For the past decades, it has been a struggle in Egypt for applying the so called Sharia (The Islamic Law). The point I need to make from this blog post is just asserting that I could not care less about the terminology, specially the political ones.

I don’t think that anything would change if Egypt was called Palastine, Israel or Madagascar, they can even number the countries or remove any kind of borders and names, I wouldn’t care as well. Same goes to the whole concept of Sharia as it is applied in many countries such as but not limited to Saudi Arabia, North Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran and Somalia.

In each of those countries mentioned above the Sharia is applied differently and of course when debating such issue the answer is always “They are not applying it as it should be”. Away from the fact that any religious theocracy ever existed on our planet in the known history failed on giving citizens their personal, economical and political rights, I wouldn’t mind applying the so called Sharia if and only if it respects each person’s individuality and freedoms. So you can call it Sharia or name it after the president or do whatever you want with the names.

My whole problem is with the core not with the naming as it became so ridiculous listening to chants that contain Sharia and Freedom in the same sentence! The freedom to oppress others does not lie under the concept of freedom nor human rights. So do whatever you want with the names, don’t call democracy democracy if you want, you are free to choose a name that will let you sleep well. But, the one thing that I am defending now and ever is human rights.


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4 Responses to My problem with the “Sharia”

  1. Taher Lamey says:

    very well said, Mina

  2. Dr M.M.KHAN says:

    What is your problem with the sharia in the regime of first four calipha ?.If the same sharia is applied today in the same way in any country then there will be no complaint of HR violation.The problem is not with the sharia but the ruler who applies it selectively and according to his vested interests.Therefore don’t blame sharia or Islamic theocracy but scarcity of saintly persons at the high and highest positions.

  3. Shaymaa says:

    Don’t say u ve a problem with sharia cause it’s offending , say u want ur personal freedoms and let them figure it in their shariah , but when u say u r against shariah then u ll make me an enemy but if u speak to me about justice ur rights and ur freedom then I will look for t in my shariah, I hope u get wht I mean , and shariah for me is my and ur freedom

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