Stop the hatred!

During the past years, the hatred towards immigrants, Arabs and specially Muslims has been rising tremendously due to a lot of factors, the media is one of them of course.

By the end of 2010 the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have won 20 of the 349 seats in the country’s single assembly for the first time ever representing almost 6% which lead to a lot of demonstrations from both sides and the start of movements such as  “Vi är 94 pro cent mot rasisterna” (Literally: We are 94 percent against racists).

The first time for the “Anti-immigration groups” to hold their annual demonstration in Stockholm instead of Salem was in December 2011 and they were met by the anti nazi network “Vi är 94 pro cent”. Clashes took place with the counter protest and there were a lot of eggs, bottles and firecrackers.

Now, after the acts of terror committed in Norway on the 22nd of July 2011, the so called anti-muslim “Counterjihad movement” that works on spreading hatred towards Muslims just like Breivik are holding a demonstration on the 4th of August in Stockholm.

In 2009 the “English Defence League” was launched in Luton, England and as the attempts to launch a Swedish equivalent, the “Swedish Defence League”, haven’t been succesful, the English leadership is now taking control. One year after Breivik’s massacre they will make another attempt  – this time they want to found a global counterjihad network. On August 4th, EDL and the Counterjihad movement “Stop Islamisation of Nations” (SION) are holding an international manifestation in Stockholm with all the anti-muslim top names. The same day as the Pride parade swirls through the city for the 15th year in a row.

Using the pride parade that is calling for tolerance, peace and love etc.. to spread hatred, racism and intolerance is the sickest idea I have ever heard of. Therefore, the “Stop EDL” movement in Sweden are organising a counter-demonstration on the same day as the EDL is mobilising their followers from all over Europe to demonstrate against the so called “Islamisation” of Europe in Stockholm which is supposedly one of the cities well known for tolerance.


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