The God should seek court

On Tuesday, September 11 2012 thousands of Egyptians protested in front of the American embassy in Cairo against a film that was made by some Copts who live in the USA as it “Insulted Islam”. We have this Arabic proverb “على المتضرر اللجوء للقضاء” literally “The affected should seek court” but it seems like we never use it when it comes to God!

For decades Egyptians who believed in a civil state have been fighting against those vague laws criminalizing “insulting God/religion” defending the human right to freedom of expression. Many Egyptian authors have been oppressed by such laws and social norms such as but not limited to Farag Fouda & Nasr Abu Zaid. It has been OK for anyone to criticize any religion; except for Islam, as whoever dares to do so either ends up getting killed by extremist groups or jailed thanks to the law criminalizing “insulting God”.

We (Egyptians) have witnessed the murder of over a million Iraqis, over a hundred thousand Afghani and Palestinians, we have witnessed tens of churches getting burned in Egypt and thousands of Copts being forced to migrate while not taking one step to solve the problem except for showing on TV a priest and a sheikh hugging each other! Somehow we left all this shit behind to mobilize thousands of people to demonstrate and attack the American embassy for a bad quality film that was uploaded a month ago and somehow we discovered it recently to demonstrate against!

A lot of Christians posted how sorry they were for their Muslim brothers that some Copts produced the film while some Muslims wrote how sorry they were for the discrimination against Copts in general is taking place! And from here I say that I am sorry to see how FUCKED UP the society became to care that much about a low quality film that no one cares or will ever care about that somehow got the whole country’s attention!

We never cared about those Egyptian Muslims who got tortured in KSA, we never cared about those Egyptian Muslims who die here and there because of the government’s corruption, we never cared about army soldiers storming a mosque on the first day of Ramadan last year, we never cared about Muslim soldiers stripping Muslim girls off their clothes on Tahrir square and by the Egyptian Cabinet but somehow we care more about some low quality film and find reasons to mobilize thousands of Egyptians to protest and chant the most discriminative hating chants ever wrote against Copts. Those Copts who were born simply to apologize for believing in a different religion! Some Copts even went to the protests to show solidarity with Muslims as their religion got insulted!

We have created a lot of celebrities in Egypt just because we kept insulting them, as their ideas were so dumb starting from ArAr Sandood passing through Ahmed Spider until we reached Tawfik Okasha but it seems like we never learned a lesson. If someone insulted God, I guess that it would be easier for God to punish who insults him or even come down to earth and sue whoever who insulted him. Having humans defending God gives no message but how this God isn’t that strong to defend himself!

Why is it OK for Muslim sheikhs to insult any religion they want in their books, tapes and TV shows all the time while it is NOT OK for anyone in the world to insult Islam itself? I have nothing against Muslims and I have nothing against Islam. It is just those people who choose violence as a response that I am standing against.


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