Watch out for bisexuals!

I came across an article published in the Egyptian Youm7 newspaper with the title “Bi-sexual, a dangerous type of gays”, basically the article defined bisexuals as “A progressive type of gays who can have sex with women” stressing the point that they are not like “normal gays” who are disgusted by women and can’t sleep with them – I am translating literally here, “the journalist” actually used the term ‘normal gays’ – defining bisexuals as those who can get married -as in having sex with women- to keep their social image while having sexual relationships with men at the same time.

The journalist quoted a doctor saying that some gays can’t have sex with women despite of the infinite stories of homosexuals who had sex or even got married with the opposite sex. The article only focused on bisexual and homosexual men disregarding the fact that it is something common among women as well as animals. The article mixed up how a homosexual man can get married and keep on having a relationship with a man due to the social pressure as they don’t feel having a relationship with women with bisexuals and bisexuality calling them “a more dangerous type” as if homosexuals are dangerous! if this sheikh describing how to have sex with a girl who didn’t reach puberty is normal then I guess it is okay for homosexuals and bisexuals to be “abnormal”.

It is a fact that bisexuals are hated among straight people due to the homophobic upbringing and considered to be “closeted gays” from homosexuals, while researches proved that they actually do exist!. A bisexual man by definition* would be the man who can fall in love/attraction with a man or a woman so if a bisexual man fell in love with a woman and they got married, there is no such thing as keeping a relationship with a man cause it will be just called cheating whether if it is with a man or a woman just like heterosexual couples.

It is a shame to see such ignorance spreading forcing people to shape accordingly with an ignorant patriarchal society. I am not expecting a newspaper in Egypt to defend LGBTQ rights but at least I’m expecting them to have some ethical behaviour when writing an article based upon science not just random bullshit. Finally, watch out for those dangerous homosexual and bisexual men out there, they are dangerous because they might rape your 8 year old daughter or murder you on the street or mug you.. you know, they are dangerous.


*I never prefer labelling people adding definitions to them but due to the subject of the article I was forced to do so.


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  2. Taher Lamey says:

    coup de chapeau ya m3allem

    Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 01:08:19 +0000 To:

  3. Ibrahim SEYAM says:

    Brave pen. Would love to see your posts done in Arabic in the near future

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