Copts before and during “El-Nahda”

After the 18 utopian days in Tahrir all the Copts who took part in the revolution including me thought that all the sectarian issues will be gone as we all believed that it was all done by Mubarak’s regime. On the contrary, 6 churches got burnt in the first six months, when Copts protested 28 were killed in the Maspero massacre then Copts were forced to migrate from the own houses in towns like Amreia; along with Maikel Nabil being jailed for “Insulting the military” etc… the misery of Copts never stopped and we kept blaming the regime that we couldn’t topple that was manifested in the Superior Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

After Morsi got to office by his “El-Nahda” campaign, (Renaissance project) as he called it and removing Tantawi and Anan from SCAF, we thought that the sectarian issues would be one of his priorities but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Right after Morsi got to office, 2 other sectarian clashes took place and again Copts were forced to migrate once in Dahshour and another time in Rafah where a church got burned and no one in the president’s office is giving a damn.

Just last week a pregnant teacher was taken from her home by the police as a student accused her of “Insulting Islam” while she was just explaining what was in the curriculum of social studies, her family were threatened to be killed and they had to leave their house while no lawyer accepted her case!


Last month Albere Saber, an Egyptian Coptic blogger got arrested for “insulting Islam” as well on Facebook, the police arrested him and the officer asked the prisoners in the cell to “teach him a lesson” cause he is an atheist which ended up in Albere getting severely beaten up. PS: Albere shared a video that a Muslim sheikh showed on his TV channels for millions of viewers while it is written in his charges that it is a felony to share such a video!


Another Coptic teacher called Bishoy Kamel got jailed for 6 years for “insulting Islam and Morsi” on Facebook.

Even Mubarak himself never dared to jail bloggers and journalists during his last 5 years except for 1 case which was for Karim Amer. This is not what we have been expecting as bloggers from Morsi. He can’t move around saying that we became a free country and praise a revolution that inspired the world with one of it’s keys as freedom of expression while jailing bloggers and poor Copts for such idiotic charges and turning a blind eye on the misery of Copts.


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8 Responses to Copts before and during “El-Nahda”

  1. Tamer says:

    Isn’t it time that you and the so called “activists” who participated in this damn revolution finally admit that you were just morons!!! Many of us, who, unlike you, understood the Egyptian scene clearly, kept warning that removing Mubarak and NDP will only lead to the destruction of Egypt, but you kept following the undercover MB propaganda accusing us of being cowards, felool, corrupt…….

    I am a middle class Copt, I lived a very happy life in the previous egypt, never felt insecure, had a good career, always saw anyone around me who did his job well get rewarded, saw an economy growing In a very healthy level and so on…

    Thanks to you and all who participated in this crime, I am leaving my beloved home in 5 weeks!!!!!

    • I understand your frustration but I believe in democracy and freedom and with Mubarak we could have never reached democracy nor freedom, we have to go through the phase of islamists to pass by Egypt to safety, we can’t just give up that easily and just as we took a struggle against Mubarak and the military we will keep struggling against the MB and any religious rule.

    • AmiraM says:

      Tamer…did you help?

  2. Tamer says:

    Who will struggle? Haven’t you noticed yet that we (non-Islamists) are a minority???? And unlike what you want to convince yourself with, this minority is decreasing day by day!!!

  3. First, thanks Mina for this brave and detailed account which, though missed out on many minor details (the list of injustices is simply too long), has thrown comprehensive light on the issue at hand. I follow what you write keenly, young man!
    Second, your heart-wrenching commentary, Tamer, has left me sad and frustrated. You do have a point in what you said, but your assumption about the revolution was not correct. Had anybody reckoned that Islamists will ride the tide and get catapulted into power? Has anybody foreseen that USA would be in close contact with them all the time since the beginning, planning for their ascent to power? Our revolution continues and only our determination will bring it to achieving its goals. I am sad to read you are leaving, and hope you all the best in your new life

    • raamses75 says:

      Taher lamey; Only Morons who don’t reckon that Muslims obsessed with Islam will ride the tide, what you said is another proof you guys are morons just like what Tamer said…
      America support who democracy bring not Muslims who are obsessed with Islam, it’s not America’s fault, stop making America responsible for you being a moron.

      Mina; saying “we have to go through the phase of islamists to pass by Egypt to safety” show really you are a moron and not living in Egypt, which is true because you are most of the time in Sweden or your ghetto in Ma’adi, Muslims who are obsessed with Islam will never pass Egypt to anywhere, they will destroy it and guess what Egyptian? they are popular..

      • not living in Egypt has nothing to do with my opinion and it doesn’t make me “a moron” .. “my ghetto in Maadi”? seriously? your comment implies that you are the one who need to start reading a bit of history to recognize who all democracies started and how they suffered fascism or theocracy .. they are NOT popular as less tham a quarter voted for Morsi, so stop making claims without any support and believe me I know Egypt pretty well!

      • raamses75 says:

        r u comparing Islam to fascism and theocracy? r u comparing Muslims to non Muslims? man! you are moron! 😀
        you should compare Egypt to Afghanistan, Somalia, and Sudan not to Europe or south America..

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