Morsi and the Prosecutor

Yesterday at night Morsi tried to force the prosecutor general to resign by appointing him as the Egyptian ambassador in Vatican city, Morsi’s advisor asserted that the prosecutor Abdel-Megid Mahmoud accepted the new position and resigned followed by a lot of high ranked Muslim Brotherhood members on the news asserting that they have been always trying to convince him to resign.

A couple of hours later the prosecutor general denied all that and asserted that Morsi has no power over his office. We have been mobilising for a march today against Morsi for not fulfilling his promises during the first 100 days as well as the Muslim brotherhood having the majority in the committee writing the constitution. So, the Muslim Brotherhood called for protests today against the prosecutor to force him to resign knowing that we will be protesting against Morsi in the same place.

Today the prosecutor general made a press release saying that he received direct threats last Thursday from the minister of justice Ahmed Mekky and Hossam ElGheriany the former head of appeal court claiming that they are calling from the presidential office trying to force him to resign and he refused. This was NOT the first time for Morsi to take decisions that contradict with his powers.

Today a lot of clashes took place between revolutionaries protesting peacefully against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood as they used bullets and rocks against us .. MB officials asserted that Tahrir square has no MB supporters. An hour ago 2 buses belonging to the MB which were used to transport the MB protesters to Tahrir square were burnt while they were empty right under the 6th of October bridge. Clashes took place in other cities as well and the HQ of the MBs in Mahalla city was burnt.

A picture from Almasry Alyoum newspaper

There is no doubt that the prosecutor is charged of corruption by all political parties and revolutionaries but there is no doubt as well that the Muslim Brotherhood are seeking power over every institution in Egypt as now the president, the prime minister a long with a majority in the government and the constitution committee are MB members, by appointing a state prosecutor belonging to the MB, they will be our new NDP having power over everything in Egypt which we -revolutionaries- must stand against. May all corrupted people go to hell whether is they were appointed by Mubarak or Morsi and the revolution continues.


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