LGBT and paedophiles’ rights

Despite of not knowing the prevalence of paedophilia in the general population, it has been estimated to be lower than 5% while studies show that 9 to 10 percent of men and 5 to 6 percent of women are gay/bisexual. In Egypt, it has been bothering me how people kept discussing lowering the age of marriage for girls from 18 to 9 years old for a long time after a parliament member tried to discuss it.

I mentioned above the estimated percentages of paedophiles and LGBT members not intending to put them at the same level of comparison (The first are sick, the latter have rights) but only to show that if people were to vote in Egypt today, both of them wouldn’t get anywhere (Away from the fact that paedophilia shouldn’t be an option). I personally think that LGBT rights should not be subjected to voting like how is goes in the USA as it became supported by scientific evidence that it is not a disease like paedophilia and it doesn’t affect children’s rights but this is not the point here anyway. The only reason why people are so eager to discuss paedophilia in public is just that it has a “religious support” not a taboo like LGBT rights.

My problem actually is leaving all the  educational, sexist, classicist and racist problems along with the massive corruption in the country only to focus on the right for a 9 year old girl to get married or if a police officer should be allowed to have a beard. It is not as if I am against the latter, but seriously c’mon you don’t hear me bragging about a lot of stuff just for the sake of putting first things first. I don’t see those homeless starving people giving a SHIT about you marrying a kid or letting your beard grow, I guess people care more about you doing your job providing them safety and the government providing them with jobs, education, housing and health care!

So, next time I hear someone insulting secularists for not focusing on the rights of policemen to grow their beards I’ll start mentioning the endless humiliation, torture and murders by policemen passing through environmental causes and LGBT rights along with animal rights and many other important stuff for me, if he agreed upon 3 of the mentioned above I may consider their beards in my priorities!


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3 Responses to LGBT and paedophiles’ rights

  1. Taher Lamey says:

    (The first are sick, the latter have rights)…. I know what you mean, but I am sure that was not how you wanted it to be read! It sounded like the latter group were sick too, but differ from the former in having rights! Would have sounded clearer had you said “the former is sick, the latter is different”.
    You are tackling a very sensitive issue with the hypocrite conservative society, and I really salute for your bravery. However, this article lacked clarity of thought. I guess you should have stuck to the discussion of your headline i.e society must accept gays while being protected from paedophiles. And you could have left the big issue of (our) society’s obsession with sex while frantically trying to hide it behind religious zeal to the point of schizophrenia!

    • Yea I know it needs a clear mind to clarify and you have said it better, I just wrote it in a couple of mins before going to sleep .. The bottom line is that both are unaccepted by the society but paedophilia is not a taboo any more since religion can support such crap .. and of course I won’t be comparing LGBT with paedophiles, I guess my previous blog posts are pretty clear on what I stand for 🙂

  2. Taher Lamey says:

    Habibi, I was not criticizing what you think! I know you far better than that. I was only referring to how any reader would interpret your words if they don’t know you personally. I actually am proud of your thoughts and feelings about such thorny issues as rights for homosexuals and women.
    Just keep those great blogs coming 😉

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