Blocking pornography

The topics that keep on surfacing newspapers whenever the government is questioned upon the revolution’s demands became so outdated, it is either a fanatic bigot Salafi coming up with a weird-ass Fatwa to distract the people or demanding “Shari’a” or blocking pornography as if the country is not going through an economical crisis!

The cost will be paid by internet users. So, basically we will waste millions of Egyptian pounds on an attempt to block porn (which will never succeed) while we are requesting a loan from the IMF worth $4.5 billion!

Disregarding the fact that in all the countries filtering the internet such as but not limited to the UAE and KSA, people waste billions every year purchasing VPNs and proxies to bypass the filters as well as the state’s expenses on monitoring and keeping the filters working. Apparently those Sheikhs find porn websites more harmful than poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and disease.

So, instead of using the money to fight poverty and disease the government decided to fight something that is irrelevant to 80% of Egyptians just to please some Islamists and silence the demands of the revolution which were bread, freedom and social justice for a while.


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