The history of Egyptian railways

The Egyptian railways has been built starting 1851 being the first in Africa & MENA region and the second in the world after England. During the past 20 years, tens of accidents killed thousands of passengers while no one took responsibility for any of them as it always ends by changing the minister of transportation. That is of course not mentioning that Egypt loses about 12 000 lives due to road traffic crashes every year. It has a road traffic fatality rate of 42 deaths per 100 000 population. *

On the 20th of February 2002, 1500 Egyptians were burnt to death on a train heading to upper Egypt and up to that day no one was sentenced. The government paid 3000 LE (Aprox $500) for each, while each of the Russian tourists who were injured by some sharks in the red sea in 2008 got a compensation of $50,000.

In 1993 12 died and 60 got injured when 2 trains crashed 90 km north of Cairo. In December 1995, 75 died and hundreds got injured when a train collided to the back of another train. In February 1997, 11 died and many got injured in a train crash north of Aswan. In October 1998 a train went of the tracks in Alexandria entering a market killing 50 people and injuring more than 80. In April 1999, 10 died and more than 50 were taken in a critical condition. In November 1999, a train heading from Alexandria to Cairo hit a truck, went off tracks killing 10 people and injuring 7 severely.

In February 2006, two trains crashed in Alexandria injuring 20 people. In May 2006, in Sharkia two trains clashed injuring 45 people. In August 2006, a train from Mansoura to Cairo collided with a train from Banha killing 80 and injuring 163 passengers.

In July 2007, two trains collided in North of Cairo killing 58 and injuring more than 140 passengers. In October 2009, two trains collided in Ayyat (Same city as the first one mentioned with 1500 deaths) killing 30.*

Finally today, a train hit a school bus killing 51 children and injuring 15  in Assuit. Some families lost all their children on that bus, one of the families had their 3 children killed in this accident. The government decided to pay the families 50,000 LE for each child killed and 12,000 LE for each injured child!


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