Another catastrophe with Egypt’s draft constitution

Away from the fact that the constitutional committee had agreed upon articles that are against gender equality, freedom of belief and freedom of expression, here is another thing to think about.

Article 9
Family is the basis of society and is founded on religion, ethics and patriotism.

The State and the society have to maintain the authentic character of the Egyptian family, and to work on its cohesion, stability and protection of its traditions and moral values.

Article 10

The State and society shall be committed to safeguarding and protecting ethics and public morals, promoting genuine Egyptian traditions, the eminent level of religious and patriotic upbringing, scientific facts, Arabic culture, historical and cultural heritage of the people, as regulated by the law.

Adding the word “society” in the articles shocked me as it opens the door legally for another  Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice just like Saudi Arabia which is totally unacceptable by all means. That got me to wonder as well about how the state is forcing all Egyptian families to be religious and patriotic, how about anti-nationalist atheists? Should they change their ideas for the sake of the country and it’s constitution?

What is the “authentic character” of the Egyptian family that was referred to in article 9? and in what way and to what extent should “the society” protect it?

So far Egypt’s churches have pulled out of the committee as well as other members and the committee is still functioning somehow with a majority of Islamists and almost no representation of women (less than 5%). This has to end NOW!

Feel free to read the final draft here


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