The creation of a new God in Egypt

After 40 days from the dilemma that took place between Morsi and the State Prosecutor , Morsi decided to come out with a new constitutional declaration stating that all constitutional declarations, laws and decrees issued by the president since he became the president on 30 June 2012 are final and cannot be challenged, appealed or reversed by the judiciary until the new constitution takes effect and a parliament gets elected. He also declared a new law for “protecting” the revolution  as well as appointing a new state prosecutor.

This came right after the resignation of almost every one who doesn’t belong to the Islamists’ side from the committee writing the constitution making the committee free of people representing secularists, Copts, women and any minority in Egypt.

During the SCAF’s rule, the national museum was turned into a place where protesters were tortured while during Morsi’s rule a school was occupied by the police forced to fire against protesters on Mohammed Mahmoud street killing one of them (Gaber) shooting him in the head and injuring hundreds.

Even Mubarak himself did not dare to take such power over the judiciary. Muslim Brotherhood supporters went out to support the president despite of the consequences of his decisions while all other civil organisations are mobilising to protest tomorrow against creating a new Pharaoh as we did not start this revolution to create a new God to worship.


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