Sweden Democrats & Salafis

In Egypt, there is a political party called “ElNoor” literally translated to The Light party which is the most right-wing party in the former Egyptian parliament and it takes almost the same place on the political compass just as the Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats) in Sweden. Both of them are well known to be racist having no problem discriminating against people based upon almost everything.

Racism or xenophobia has been always the main point of any article criticizing any of those two parties; yes, they have a lot in common more than you think. The problem is that we turn a blind eye on the fact that the 25% who voted for ElNoor party last elections as well as the 6% who voted for the Sweden Democrats are well aware of the party’s politics and most probably most of them went to vote in support for such racist politicians because they agree with them.

During the past week I’ve been reading a lot about the scandals of the Sweden Democrats as well as knowing all the scandals that has been on the Egyptian newspapers about ElNoor party’s members and leaders. They all have racism in common as the main attack point.

From my point of view, criticizing them for being racists isn’t the solution but in fact it is free advertising for them. Both parties are extreme capitalists and that is the thing that is rarely mentioned when criticizing them. It is scary how the Sweden Democrats are rising in opinion polls reaching 11% while Swedes are known for supporting socialism. I guess that if journalists started writing about their economical plans (If existed) it would give the racist voters a second chance to consider going for another party as they must care about their pension, elderly care and health care more than just sharing hatred towards immigrants.

This is a summary of a conversation I had with my friend Sara Lindblom.


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