Hamada Saber: Just another story about the MOI

Yesterday, February 1 2013, (the same day when 73 of ElAhly’s Ultras were killed in Port Said) clashes erupted at the presidential palace in Heliopolis.

One of the videos was for a man called Hamada Saber being stripped off his clothes and brutally beaten by batons by the Central Security Forces (CSF). Please take the time and watch the video

Some hours later when he was transferred by the police to a hospital, his wife Fat-heyya was called by a the channel On Tv Live to ask about his situation. His wife said that he is in a good condition, she thanked the police forces and the assistant of the minister of interior. It is obvious in the video that she was being told what exactly to say to the TV channel. Here is her testimony

Today, according to ElWatan news, Hamada Saber during the prosecution accused the protesters of beating him and stripping him off his clothes while testifying that the CSF were the ones who “rescued” him. Up till that moment the situation is so ambiguous since the videos say otherwise.

Last year the same thing happened to a girl on Tahrir square during clashes with the military, I was honoured to meet her last year when I was in Egypt but unfortunately she refused to go to any media or reveal her identity despite of how her story went viral worldwide.


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