Hopeless ranting

Lately I have been trying to avoid writing about politics for several reasons. The political and sectarian polarization has reached a despicable level that makes me wonder where and how to start explaining what is going on in Egypt now. That is why I would prefer writing about other causes that would let me concentrate on issues not concerning party politics and filthy Egyptian politicians. I just decided to write briefly on the situation from where I see it just to let it all out.

For the second time since Morsi came into office he meets the war criminal Mohamed El-Bashir North Sudan’s president who was charged with genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity for campaigning against non-Arab Sudanese that lead to over 300,000 deaths and the displacement of over 4 million citizens and I’m only mentioning the official numbers as the estimates are terrifying.

Morsi continues to ruin Egypt’s reputation abroad on several occasions by holding stupid speeches that no one understands ending in everyone making fun of what he is saying whether when he speaks Arabic or English, even when he talks about history he makes epic historical mistakes. I still don’t understand why can’t he get a professional to write his speeches to avoid those tragedies  I came to point assuming that he is doing that intentionally as I can’t find any excuses for him any more.

Prosecution and detaining activists and bloggers who supported the revolution from the beginning continues despite of all Morsi’s promises before and after he got into office. Forcing the state prosecutor to resign and appointing another one who is clearly a MB supporter. Up till now the new prosecutor has done nothing concerning the “old regime’s remnants”  nor those who were charged of killing the thousand protesters in the first 18 days but he rushes into issuing arrest warrants for activists for tweets or video logs on youtube.

Egypt’s economy is going down hill with the USD reaching 9 LE on the black market while it has been stable at 6.11 some months ago not to mention the power shortage all over the country with people killing each other over diesel and gas cylinders and Morsi is still assuring the people during his speeches that the economical situation of Egypt is getting better and all those who say otherwise are against Egypt’s interests.

People and politicians are still discussing trivial issues such as blocking pornography over the internet as well as blocking Viber, What’s App and the Black Berry service which sectarian issues are becoming worse day after day with Copts being killed here and there for rumours and the government still asserts that all the sectarian clashes are nothing but individual actions that should be treated as crimes denying the fact that sectarian issues between Muslims and Christians are becoming worse.

Police brutality and torture in police stations continues as if the people never revolted and all those helpless people can’t get heard anywhere. Seriously, what kind of renaissance is that?

On the bright side, people are not giving up hope and that is what gives me hope. People are still taking the streets and fighting for their rights. All what I have mentioned can’t be counted as one percent of what I have been reading for the past two months. Each and every point can be discussed in a book and yet no country detested the MB’s actions or tried to push towards supporting real democracy in Egypt as the new-old regime is still being supported by the USA’s administration.


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One Response to Hopeless ranting

  1. Taher Lamey says:

    neither hopeless nor ranting..; a very sane analysis and sound observation of a rather sordid situation,that really ends on a hopeful note.

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