Sectarian.. Not Sectarian

Six days ago clashes erupted in the town of Al-Khosous, Qalyubia in Egypt continuing for days leaving 5 Christians and 1 Muslim dead.

Sixteen year-old Mostafa Abdel Wahab claimed that the problem started when a number of Coptic children drew the Nazi swastika on the walls of an Al-Azhar-affiliated institute on Friday afternoon, which angered some of the Muslim children who mistook it for a cross.

“The one who really caused problems was the sheikh of that mosque who called on all Muslims to head to the streets and stand armed to fight all Christian members of the community,” said Ayman.

Emad, another resident, seconded Ayman’s statement detailing that the sheikh called on Muslims to carry their weapons to “defend their Muslim brothers against the Copts.”

I couldn’t write anything during this ciaos since I still can’t comprehend the whole story. The government and the MOI (Ministry Of Interior) are still insisting that the clashes were as usual “not sectarian” despite of the testimonials.

This is neither the first nor the last sectarian clashes to witness in Egypt, it happens every month and sometimes more than once a month. On the second day during the funeral of the 5 Christians who were murdered mobs attacked the funeral killing one Christian and injuring tens, the MOI stood defending them and shooting tear gas inside the Cathedral for the first time in history. The MOI came out with a shocking statement accusing the Copts in the funeral of destroying private property and that the thugs who attacked them were the area’s inhabitants!

Today, the town is to hold a “reconciliation meeting” between Muslims and Christians with dignitaries from Al-Azhar, the Coptic Church and some political parties. As usual, the solution after any sectarian clashes is to hold a “reconciliation meeting” and I don’t get how they can still keep stressing on how Egypt is a country of law and justice and how those clashes are not sectarian and just “individual crimes” when minorities are being targeted.

Yesterday, the sixth Christian was announced dead in the hospital. His name is Helal Saber Helal, he had nothing to do with the clashes, he just happened to be in the area and all his fault was that he was born Christian. They captured him, poured gas over him and set him on fire. And today they are still giving speeches on how Christians and Muslims love each other.

I have been witnessing such lame speeches since I was born and I can’t even see any creativity in the discourse. No one ever admitted that we have a sectarian issue. No one ever tried to solve the problem from it’s roots. We keep on getting priests and sheikhs together in front of cameras for the world to see how they love each other while we were brought up to hate everything about “the other”. Haven’t we had enough?

Christians reached to a point where they are waiting for the military to take over the country AGAIN. The same armed forces that ran over Christians with tanks and murdered 27 of them in a peaceful protest less than a year and a half ago, that is how bad it is. But, whenever I tell myself that it can’t get any worse, it actually gets worse and since I’m witnessing the same exact procedure of another “reconciliation meetings” then I’m sure it will get worse unless we admit the problem and work on solving it but apparently it doesn’t seem to be neither a priority nor an interest to those who are in power.

I couldn’t share this picture of Helal Saber on facebook.. That is how bad it is


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