Sexual harassment on a governmental level

Many initiatives started to keep struggling against the phenomena of sexual harassment that reached a scary level in Cairo and Alexandria. Tahrir Body Guard are offering free self-defence classes for women at Samia Allouba centre in Mohandessin. Operation Anti Sexual Harassment is still working through their hotlines whenever there are marches or protests to help any victim of sexual harassment as well as old organisations providing professionally help like El-Nadim centre, Nazra for feminist studies and Baheya Masr.

According to the last study April 2013 by the UN in Egypt for gender equality and the empowerment of women, 99.3% of women reported being sexually harassed of which 96.5% of women in their survey said that sexual harassment came in the form of touching, which was the most common manifestation of sexual harassment

There is no correlation between sexual harassment and social standard, education etc… but the new level we reached is that now we have a minister who sexually harasses women on TV not once but 3 times!

First he said to a TV presenter during an interview “I hope your questions are not as hot as you”. Then to a journalist who asked him about the status or freedom of expression in Egypt saying “Come, and I’ll show you where” then a week later to another journalist “Come like your friend and I’ll show you”.

Keeping his position after all those irresponsible disgusting acts provoked many women to protest in many forms whether online or on the streets

ImageThe sign says “Mr. Media Minister the harasser, come and I’ll show you where the heel of this shoe would go”


The papers say “Mr. Harassment Minister, where would you like to take that?”

ImageFrom one of the protests by Baheya Masr against the minister of media

ImageSexual Harassment in Egypt’s statistics according to the latest study by the UN





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4 Responses to Sexual harassment on a governmental level

  1. formidable!! I am thrilled by the causes you have set yourself out to fight.
    much love

  2. Mer says:

    Thanks for raising awareness on this important issue. I’m trying to access the UN report but the link provided here doesn’t work. Could you please look into it. Many thanks

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