The media and the Egyptian revolution

Tahrir square became a symbol for freedom of expression, an inspiration for many movements and actions around the world whether in Libya, Syria, the occupy movement in the USA or south Europe. The international media convinced us the Egyptian revolution was from twitter and facebook, yes, social media had quite a good role in sparking a revolution in Egypt but was it a reason behind toppling Mubarak? Definitely not, let me even go further and say that the not even Tahrir square was enough for toppling the dictator.

In a centralized state like Egypt where everything revolves around Cairo, it was a necessity to occupy the main square of the capital, we actually occupied the whole downtown area but due to the national and international media that only focused on our clashes in Tahrir square against the police and then the regime’s thugs, the people were left convinced that it was the reason behind toppling Mubarak.

Egypt has 27 governorates and Cairo is the smallest one area wise. In the other 26 governorates no one focused on the massacres that took place during the start of the revolution. We have to acknowledge and learn that if it was not for the workers who started their strikes on the 9th of February Mubarak would have never left power. Tens of thousands everywhere joined the strike in Egypt, even the banks were forced to close and by then the dictator couldn’t stand a couple of days before he left.

The struggle for social justice in Egypt continues for the 2nd year after toppling Mubarak with strikes and sit-ins everywhere. Activists who have been struggling to support the workers since before the revolution are being arrested with fabricated charges and they are suffering now more than ever. The media only focuses on the celebrities of the revolution while those who take the streets everyday trying to make a better future for Egyptians are left in jails with no one knowing even their names.

Most people know who Khaled Said was. He was the young man from Alexandria who got beaten to death by police officers. One of the activists who worked on his case and took pictures of him from the first day is now sitting in jail waiting for his appeal on Saturday for a 2 years sentence on fabricated charges, his name is Hassan Mustafa. We should be the alternative media and help those who are not heard. We should stand against the legacy media that convinced the people that toppling the dictator was through facebook and twitter, the media that convinced us that the Egyptian revolution succeeded the media that convinced us that there is something such as a revolution done in 18 days. Please share his story, write a status or a tweet about him as people should know about those we really fight for social justice.


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