Just a reminder

The other day I remembered this Friday 8th of June 2012 and how it kind of scarred me for life, basically this was what happened. But also, I remembered all those friends I got to know on that same night and how I can’t imagine how my life would have been now if I hadn’t met them.

That night was more of a slap on my face to remind me of Cairo’s real situation. It was important; in order for me not to drift away from being realistic to think of my little bubble in Cairo, the place full of rainbows and butterflies, as the real Cairo. It served as a reminder of the struggle that every girl and woman is being forced to take everyday when they go out on the streets.

This post is just for me to keep the memory of that night. There are no words to describe my respect for every single person who is still fighting against all those fucked up harassers.




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