What happened to me from A to Z

Just to clear it all out as now I have the time and the strength to write about what happened to me.

On Saturday, May 25, I was out with a group of friends and I decided to leave early around 1:15 am. We were at a place called Strand in Hornstull, Stockholm. Just one street away from the metro station a white blond skinhead passing in the opposite direction hit me on my forehead. I turned around and started shouting, he punched me in my right eye.

A couple of friends were at the end up the street. They returned when they heard me shouting but it was over. I called the police and kept asking for the name of the street but no one answered.

I went home, there were a couple of friends staying over. I didn’t wake them up and I just slept. In the morning my eye was swollen and I couldn’t open it so my friends took me to the hospital, and that was the first time in my life to go to a hospital.

I really don’t care about the whole incident any more. I just felt bad about not going to work for a couple of days after I started my new job. But most importantly, I could have never expected something that random might happen to me; even through the riots and the ciaos going on in some parts of Stockholm that weekend. Thankfully, I recovered way faster than the doctor’s expectations and I’m as good as new now 🙂

The psychological pain due to the total apathy of people that night was far worse than the physical pain. I remembered the first time I tried to defend myself against someone beating me.The 2nd of February 2011, when Mubarak’s supporters attacked Tahrir square on camels and horses, I went on the 6th of October bridge right beside Tahrir square. A guy came out of nowhere and started beating me and insulting those who were against Mubarak. The only difference is that 3 Egyptian guys and a German girl who were filming rescued me and put me in a cab. I never got to know their names, all I can remember is that she told me she was from Germany.

I don’t really know what could I have done without my friends who stayed with me for more than 9 hours between two hospitals. Whatever I did I won’t be able to repay them. This incident’s only good thing is that it showed me who really cared about me and who didn’t whether if it was people asking about me here in Sweden or my friends from everywhere.


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2 Responses to What happened to me from A to Z

  1. Angus says:

    I cannot imagine the pain you feel from hatred hitting you hard in the face, literally. I pray that you will recover and that you will emerge more strongly than before. I love Sweden, and we know that people like him are not that many, but one is enough. Stay well and grow well. All the best from a foreigner in Zamalek

  2. Tarik Salama says:

    Your friends if real will never wait for you to repay anything, they are your friends no?.
    Next time you are hit, and I hope it wil never happen again, for the physical part you should keep a piece of raw meat in the freezer put it on your eye or wherever your were hit, take two or three vodka shot go to sleep and everything will be ok …
    For the emotional part you have your friends for that.
    We miss you and take care. Peace!
    A friend that met you once or twice only but wished to be there and do whatever was necessary in such circumstances.

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