Between the coup and the revolution

Downtown Cairo on January 29 2011, people walking in every direction smiling -Which is unusual-, the smell of tear gas is still in the air and my face is still burning from the day before. Almost 14 hours passed since I saw the first tank taking the streets and my mind wouldn’t stop thinking if they were “those good pro-revolution” soldiers or were they there to help the police kill more protesters.

The days have passed with the struggle against the Superior Council of the Armed Forces with many tortured, arrested and killed and finally we got stuck in a bottleneck forced to choose between the military and an Islamist. I boycotted the elections and I’m still proud of taking such decision. Morsi had only 5 million votes and people who understood the danger of the military rule pushed him to win by 51% after all his promises for a civil democratic state.

During the past year, we have seen nothing from Morsi except for him putting all his effort to increase the political polarization in the country. He started with drafting a constitution with a committee only from the Muslim Brotherhood and some Salafis. We -the ones who called for this revolution- became alienated. Activists being arrested on fabricated charges, their media instigating hate and violence without any legal consequences and finally he occupied all positions of power with people from his brotherhood.

Whether if what happened yesterday is a coup or a revolution can be up for debate for many reasons. The military theoretically did not take power since the current president is not from the military as well as being backed up by almost 30 million people who took the streets everywhere. For me, the military have always been in power as almost 40% of Egypt’s economy is controlled by the military while their budget is not monitored nor questioned and that has been the case for more than 60 years. If money and weaponry is not power then what is?

If the USA won’t “recognise” the new regime that we are trying to establish because Morsi was elected “democratically” I would love to remind them of their support for the past 2 presidents who came to power by “elections” that they praised before.

Basically, if someone came into power democratically and started legislating undemocratic laws such as laws to discriminate between people, then this is Nazis’ democracy and this is not the one I’m looking for.

Apparently, the military has been planning for that day for while since once the speech was out, all Islamists’ channels were shuted down by force. Ironically, a part of the statement was about ensuring the freedom of media 🙂

The debates won’t stop if that was ok or not. Yes, those channels instigated violence and hate for more than a year. Yes, if Morsi were to stay, all liberal channels would have been closed as well in a way or another. But, I will never accept those shackles on freedom of speech and I will keep demanding enforcing the law to arrest those who call for hate instead of closing some TV channels to make the people happy and stir the debate away from the military’s legitimacy.

In order to know if this is a coup or a revolution we will have to wait until the new constitution is complete. If the military stays as usual (a fortress within Egypt) then it confirms the whole conspiracy theory of using the people’s rage against the MB to get rid of them and bring someone who ensures their economical security. If we were able to stop military prosecutions for civilians and force the ministry of defence to be just a ministry within the Egyptian cabinet, then and only then, it will not be a coup. 

Away from the definitions and my stupid thoughts, there are tens of thousands out there who will never give up on this revolution. The revolution will continue in many forms whether is the military likes it or now and whether the military’s supporters like it or now.


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2 Responses to Between the coup and the revolution

  1. LindsayLand says:

    Here in America we only see what the news wants us to see. Many of us are not aware of how Morsi has wronged your people. Thank you for this post.

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