The myth of reconciliation

This post isn’t intended to offer answers or analyse the situation but it is more of laying down more unanswered questions.

Lately, many voices started calling for initiatives for accepting reconciliation with the regime remnants of Mubarak’s era to be able to “move forward” with the country and fix what the Muslim Brotherhood had done.

Surprisingly, the idea sounds logical to many of the secularist elitists whom are refusing any dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood at the same moment and calling for banning them from any participation in the political life on the grounds of using religion and being non-nationalistic since it is an international organisation etc…
Sixty years of oppression and deceiving went forgotten after only one year with the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule.. how sad is that?

We forgot about all those who were murdered or tortured for political reasons for the sake of having some gang defending us against the other. We are refusing to believe the fact that any of those two will most definitely pave the road for a new era of oppression by using the same old effective methods.

I don’t have a solution nor I claim to know everything but at least I am sure that my consciousness is refusing to support anyone who is not standing for the intrest of the people and their freedom.


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One Response to The myth of reconciliation

  1. incomplete facts lead to wrong conclusions.. please revise your history without emotions

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