November, again!

It has been 4 months since I last wrote anything here. It is just so hard to think with everything that is going on. The question of whether it is a coup or not a coup should be over by now!

People still dying in dozens just for being on a train, as usual! Since I wrote about The history of Egyptian railways  the list have continued to grow longer and no one seems to act to put an end to this. Military and police are still given a priority over people’s healthcare, education, lives and safety.

November has never been anything but my least favorite month of the year. Motorcycles running on Mohammed Mahmoud street, bloodshed everywhere, all Islamists remnants insisting that protesters are foreign infiltrators conspiring against democracy and the democratic process while they were running for the parliamentary elections.

Looking back at the posts I wrote in November 2011 and November 2012. Yes, it is a horrible month indeed. But for Egypt, every month is a horrible month filled with old and new memories of dozens of people who lost their lives because of the terrible way everything is handled.

Now, the police and the military that took part in murdering defenseless protesters on those days are calling for the people to commemorate their memorial and insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood supporters were the ones who murdered the protesters!

Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood supported killing them and everything went with the consent. We are not in the ages where information can just go away forgotten. If the internet wasn’t there, some of us are still alive to remember! It is not only unfair to those who lost their eyes or those who got paralyzed or those who died but it is also unfair for those who are watching this bullshit.

We have been and still being naive every now and then. But taking it to the extent of wanting us to repeat after you “we are stupid” is not going to happen. Not now and not ever!


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