Alaa Abdelfattah arrested, again.

On this same month 2 years ago, I wrote many times about Alaa’s arrest after the Maspero Massacre. A lot of activists were arrested the other day in a protest against military trials for civilians and the new protests law. The guys were beaten up and humiliated while the girls were sexually harassed and left in the desert later by the police forces. Some of the best people I have ever known were among the detainees, Amr Adel, Salma Said, Nazly Hussein, Mona Seif and many many others.

Alaa Abelfattah knew from TV (As usual) that he was summoned for an investigation regarding the incident. He sent a telegraph saying that he will go by himself to the prosecutor’s office on Saturday despite of never receiving any official papers confirming that.

A couple of hours ago, he was arrested from home and his wife was beaten up according to Sanaa, his sister.

Alaa was arrested many times before unjustly, he missed his son’s birth for being in prison during the SCAF’s rule in 2011 while it was crystal clear that he was innocent.


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