Egypt is about to witness another stupid “gay” film

Lots of activists, journalists and movie critics couldn’t stop writing about Hani Fawzi’s new movie “Family Secrets” which claims to address homosexuality in Egypt. The organization responsible for films’ censorship in Egypt demaded that thirteen scenes be cut from the film which brought more attention to the film before the release.

Here is why it is NOT a “gay film” as claimed here as well as in many other newspapers.

1- The film addresses “the problem” of homosexuality.

2- The film promotes the idea that homosexuality is a consequence of an absent father and child molestation not just a sexual orientation.

3- The film promotes the idea of a cure to homosexuality.

How on earth does that classify it to be categorized under “LGBT films”?

The film “The Yacoubian Building” for Alaa ElAswany before it drove Egypt mad because of having a gay character in the film, putting into consideration that of course the gay character was molested as a child and was murdered in the end of the film as a consequence to his homosexuality.

Since it was yet another kind of a propaganda preceding the release of the film just like all Hani Fawzi’s previous films. All of his films were preceded by problems with censorship then tons of articles etc..

Enough said!


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2 Responses to Egypt is about to witness another stupid “gay” film

  1. Taher says:

    After paying your due of respect and complimenting for venturing to tackle the film with your criticism, I feel I need to draw your attention to the highly thorny subject matter and the expected rabied attacks which will shower the film, or worse, steel cold reception and silent ignoring. I guess a certain modicum of lenience should be in order when criticizing the film, though I agree with your point of view completely. This film is not a documentary or a short movie, it will be released commercially and has to keep an eye on the box office and public appeal. It can be considered a real brave pioneer for breaking the silence around this taboo subject. Its artistic merits can be criticized ruthlessly if you like, but stripping it of its merits as a giant step towards representing gays in society, albeit a modified version of them that is easier on the public eye, is a little cruel.
    Finally, thanks lovely young man for taking up writing again.. I had missed you the last period when you stopped.

    • thanks a lot for your comment but, I’m not capable of criticizing it artistically nor I care really as far as I know. My only point is that it has misleading information which will do more harm than good, thats all.

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