My only resolution

Another year passed. 2013 for me was a special year, if I may describe it I’ll have to say that it was truly an emotional roller-coaster. Not that there were no reasons behind the ups and downs in my life this year but sometimes it is just the way it is.

I came back to Sweden in Mid-January after making an awesome trip going to Lund, Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cairo, Warsaw, Poznan and spending the new year’s eve in Berlin. Came back to Stockholm with lots of hope anticipating the admission results to get in KTH and finish my masters degree. Waiting was the hardest thing ever since I had no job and was struggling to find one. I applied for any possible thing I might be able to do.

Went through the dark winter with lots of ups and downs, making new friends and going to new places side by side with coping with suicidal thoughts that I had no control over and I can’t imagine how I could have gone through that without my friends, my real friends. In April, I got the answer from KTH that I got admitted and got a summer job at TeliaSonera. It was just a perfect summer ended by going to Cairo, unfortunately it was only for a week but it was worth it. My life literally changes every time I get to see my friends there.

Can’t say it was/is all rainbows and butterflies. 2013 has been really harsh, was way harder than the past years for many reasons that I can’t pinpoint. Now, looking forward to my birthday and going to Cairo in a few weeks to get some hope from my awesome friends over there. For all what I know, millions of people have seriously suffered during 2013 and even thinking of that and the situation of people fleeing Syria feels like a great burden that makes me feel helpless and hopeless.

The only resolution I decided to pursue is to try as much as possible to say no when I should. I have been wasting a lot of time and energy for years just because I have trouble saying no when needed. For 2014, I hope I won’t be doing that anymore. I’ll make “No” a regular norm for me. Don’t know how one can say no to sex when feeling not in the mood for example, but, that is something to look forward to discover during 2014.

I really don’t like using “wishes” and I usually use “hope” instead. I’ve learned that wishing is supposed to be for the impossible and I love to make myself believe that anything is possible. For 2014, I hope the current wars end and I hope no more bloodbaths take place. I just hope for a year full of peace. Happy new year people 🙂


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