Just another rant

People my age have witnessed more funerals then weddings, is this normal? People who were educated and expected to have a bright future ended up running from a police station to the next searching for their friends if they weren’t arrested themselves, was this expected? Thousands upon thousands of teenagers and youth in their twenties living with traumas from what they have witnessed and still waking up everyday in denial to be able to continue the struggle, how can this be OK.

I’m tired of looking back and asking myself where have we drifted to take this weird road and why. I don’t care anymore. All what I care about is how will everyone survive, how are we going to proceed. The military created a new whole level of oppression and raised the bar so high that I can’t do anything but stand silent in awe and ask myself, how can this be real?

A mother calling the police to report her son for “protesting with the opposition” and stand as a witness against him, how can this be real? A large part of the aids Egypt received from the UAE went to Washington to create some propaganda to aid the military by showing how Egypt became better after ousting Morsi. Ironically enough, the crew that went to Egypt got arrested!

Well, we’ve been through that before, we’ve been through a lot of rough times. They weren’t as tough, but I’m sure we will get out of this. Do we have any other options? During the beginning of the SCAF rule we couldn’t mention any violations and everyone thought it will take a long time to change but that didn’t take more than 6 months. I’m sure the people will wake up soon from this euphoria and only then we’ll be having some serious talk.



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