Years without the slightest change

I’ve stopped blogging for almost 6 months for many reasons. Had a pretty stressful time working, studying and travelling besides going through a pretty terrible depression that made me end up receiving treatment for PTSD. Unfortunately, one can’t keep his sanity following the news from Egypt. Just like yesterday, 2 years ago , I went through one of the worst days ever. I wrote about it here and here. Every time I think to myself that I got over it, I find that I didn’t. Every time I hear about a sexual assault, the pictures start running through my mind as if I’m there. 

What happened during the past days in Egypt is just beyond my abilities to comprehend. Sexual assaults started again with more videos and testimonies coming out of Tahrir square but this time, not only they were full of screams, blood and naked bodies but we reached a point were a TV presenter Maha Bahnasy got the effrontery to say “The boys are celebrating” commenting on the ongoing sexual assaults in Tahrir sq.! I really cannot find words to describe this piece of shit!

When the TV that broadcasts for millions of viewers makes up excuses for sexual assaults then, I don’t know how on earth can they call this a country. 


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