Sorry, I’m not Charlie

I’ve refrained from writing my own thoughts about the whole I’m Charlie thing but for those who are sharing pictures of the old French stamps with the pictures of decapitated heads of Moroccans saying “They invented terrorism”.. I hate to burst your bubble but terrorism is not something that a nation or a religion “invented”.


Anyone power difference results in oppression and when that power gap increases it results in terrorism. I won’t go back to the dawn of history but just think of how Muslims conquered the MENA region using religion, the Crussades then the whole colonization era etc.. Whoever had the power killed whoever was powerless regardless of religion or “nationality”, they’re not really related to what’s called terrorism nowadays but a lot of terrorism accompanied all those wars where helpless millions were killed coldblooded. For those who didn’t get the point, I’m definitely not saying that Muslims have more power than anyone in Europe it’s the exact opposite.

The thing here is that claiming that some ideology created “terrorism” whether it’s East or West is no different than America’s propaganda post 9/11 claiming that Muslims are “the terrorists” and blaming all the world problems on them.. Think rationally for anything’s sake and stop giving I’m Charlie or Kill All Muslims hashtags attention.. I feel bad for those who died cause NO ONE should get harmed under any circumstances INCLUDING unarmed arrested “terrorists” , period. But, supporting sexist, homophobic or racist bullshit for “solidarity” is something that I don’t and not looking forward to understand.

The only thing I can think of for avenging is to stand up against oppression. To stand against Saudi Arabia that condemned what happened in Paris while lashing Raif Badawi for blogging, to stand against racism and Islamophobia and support dialogue instead of supporting people who prefer to live in their own “Muslim-free” bubbles. For a non-Muslim, the amount of irrational fear that creates this amount of apologetic Muslims worldwide is terrifying and incomprehensible as I can’t imagine a time when I had to apologise for some Christian fanatics’ actions. Muslims did NOT need to have a Muslim martyr in the massacre to point him out and say how a Muslim died defending freedom of speech, what if he wasn’t there? Would it have been any different? From what I see, islamophobes are still islamophobes and they still hate Muslims regardless of Ahmed’s death.


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3 Responses to Sorry, I’m not Charlie

  1. Carol Dixon says:

    Thank you for your post. Your comments about power hierarchies are apposite, and it is indeed important to highlight the reasons why some people (myself included) may choose to state “I am not Charlie” as vociferously as those so ready to claim that they are. As yet, many of the mainstream broadcasters and journalists are failing to present sufficient nuance in their analysis of the atrocities in Paris. However, in time, I am hopeful that the French and international media will begin to reflect deeply on the work of key political and socio-cultural commentators such as Ahmed Boubeker, Didier Gondola, Eric & Didier Fassin, Loic Waquant, Trica Keaton, etc. to present more informed perspectives about the underlying complexities that sit at the heart of these tragic events in France.

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  3. taher says:


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