Neither Charlie Nor Ahmed

After the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie took social media by a storm, a hashtag #JeSuisAhmed followed to stress the fact that a Muslim died in the attack trying to stop the terrorists. I did write why I’m not Charlie before but coming to think of it, I couldn’t even participate in the hashtag “I’m Ahmed” for many reasons.

To start with, I can’t imagine myself being a policeman in anyway and most importantly, had I been there during the accident, I would have never had the guts to chase armed terrorists. In fact, most of those who participated wouldn’t have chased armed terrorists as well. So, I’m sorry for all the Muslims out there who participated in the hashtag, if you were to know that those armed men in front of you had just killed those who made fun of your prophet, you wouldn’t risk your life chasing them.

Ahmed Merabet and Franck Brinsolaro were two courageous human beings regardless of their religion and no hashtag would give them justice.

What annoyed me the most is seeing faces of Netanyahu and Abbas marching against terrorism. I love the idea of solidarity beyond borders and race but c’mon, is this for real? For anything’s sake, those same people were responsible for the misery of millions and the murder of hundreds of children because they just can’t make anything work are marching for cartoonists who were murdered in a different continent? Those who jail Palestinians and Israelis simultaneously for speaking their minds against their dictatorships are marching for freedom of expression in France. How surreal! Have you ever thought of leaving your fancy-ass offices to show respect for those who died from your own people for no reason except for your policies?

Netanyahu and Abbas in the march against terrorism

Netanyahu and Abbas in the march against terrorism

How on Earth can someone believe that this is sincere in any way? How can anyone march behind leaders who are responsible for all this bloodshed? I even wonder if any of the victims would agree to have these people in their funeral. The surrealism of the situation is just way beyond describing!


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