A lot of questions regarding the strikes on Libya

After the shocking High Definition video that ISIL released showing the execution of 21 Copts in Libya, the Egyptian Armed Forced announced strikes aimed at their camps and armory storage that killed exactly “64 ISIL militants”.

I don’t know how they counted exactly 64 bodies and I doubt they know the answer. I wonder how they waited until they executed all these poor people to show any reaction while the NATO rushed into Libya in less than a month after people started protesting against Ghaddafi. For anything’s sake, I need an answer, if you knew where they are located, where they have their weapons stored and where they trained, why on Earth no one moved their asses until this video was uploaded?

Given the previous lies of the same forces on almost everything, I stand unconvinced that they are serious about anything. The MENA region has one of the highest estimates of military spending worldwide and all these billions of dollars spent every year couldn’t help eradicating terrorism that we’ve been fighting for decades, way before the US’ 911 campaign.

Since terrorists are here and there to stay, I suggest we use this money to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless so at least no one would be forced to fly to Libya to feed their family and die there while we use our military to abolish a city like Rafah and force its people to migrate.


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2 Responses to A lot of questions regarding the strikes on Libya

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  2. Without the strike, the people will question his legitimacy, his just showing muscles.

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