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A lot of questions regarding the strikes on Libya

After the shocking High Definition video that ISIL released showing the execution of 21 Copts in Libya, the Egyptian Armed Forced announced strikes aimed at their camps and armory storage that killed exactly “64 ISIL militants”. I don’t know how … Continue reading

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My only resolution

Another year passed. 2013 for me was a special year, if I may describe it I’ll have to say that it was truly an emotional roller-coaster. Not that there were no reasons behind the ups and downs in my life … Continue reading

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Alaa Abdelfattah arrested, again.

On this same month 2 years ago, I wrote many times about Alaa’s arrest after the Maspero Massacre. A lot of activists were arrested the other day in a protest against military trials for civilians and the new protests law. … Continue reading

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November, again!

It has been 4 months since I last wrote anything here. It is just so hard to think with everything that is going on. The question of whether it is a coup or not a coup should be over by … Continue reading

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The myth of reconciliation

This post isn’t intended to offer answers or analyse the situation but it is more of laying down more unanswered questions. Lately, many voices started calling for initiatives for accepting reconciliation with the regime remnants of Mubarak’s era to be … Continue reading

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What happened to me from A to Z

Just to clear it all out as now I have the time and the strength to write about what happened to me. On Saturday, May 25, I was out with a group of friends and I decided to leave early … Continue reading

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The media and the Egyptian revolution

Tahrir square became a symbol for freedom of expression, an inspiration for many movements and actions around the world whether in Libya, Syria, the occupy movement in the USA or south Europe. The international media convinced us the Egyptian revolution … Continue reading

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