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French lives matter

During the past 2 days, I’ve been struggling to answer this question in my head, specially when I see someone writing something that goes like “Why don’t we mourn for all people”. When I see such statements, I remember the … Continue reading

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Nazisternas kamp mot det “organiserade tiggeriet” 1933

Originally posted on Den arga sossen!:
Sverigedemokraternas kampanj för ett nationellt förbud mot tiggeri väcker många känslor. En del jämför det direkt med 30-talet och nazisters politik. På detta svarar en del att det är att “överdriva”. Det är det…

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Is the military seeking to distract us again?

Yesterday, I wrote a lot of questions regarding the strikes on Libya. Today, Amr ElHasy, Libya’s Prime Minister announced that the Egyptian strikes killed 7 women and children and injured a lot of civilians violating all international regulations just to … Continue reading

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The Benevolence Taxi, @MGar7ey’s initiative

The Benevolence Taxi or (Taxi El-Kheir) is an initiative that Mohamed ElGarhey (@MGar7ey) started one week after Mubarak’s ousting in 2011. He started going around all over Egypt collecting donations for building a healthcare centre in Shabraween. A lot of activists, … Continue reading

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Neither Charlie Nor Ahmed

After the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie took social media by a storm, a hashtag #JeSuisAhmed followed to stress the fact that a Muslim died in the attack trying to stop the terrorists. I did write why I’m not Charlie before but coming to think … Continue reading

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Sorry, I’m not Charlie

I’ve refrained from writing my own thoughts about the whole I’m Charlie thing but for those who are sharing pictures of the old French stamps with the pictures of decapitated heads of Moroccans saying “They invented terrorism”.. I hate to … Continue reading

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Years without the slightest change

I’ve stopped blogging for almost 6 months for many reasons. Had a pretty stressful time working, studying and travelling besides going through a pretty terrible depression that made me end up receiving treatment for PTSD. Unfortunately, one can’t keep his … Continue reading

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