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Years without the slightest change

I’ve stopped blogging for almost 6 months for many reasons. Had a pretty stressful time working, studying and travelling besides going through a pretty terrible depression that made me end up receiving treatment for PTSD. Unfortunately, one can’t keep his … Continue reading

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Just a reminder

The other day I remembered this Friday 8th of June 2012 and how it kind of scarred me for life, basically this was what happened. But also, I remembered all those friends I got to know on that same night and how … Continue reading

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Sexual harassment on a governmental level

Many initiatives started to keep struggling against the phenomena of sexual harassment that reached a scary level in Cairo and Alexandria. Tahrir Body Guard are offering free self-defence classes for women at Samia Allouba centre in Mohandessin. Operation Anti Sexual Harassment … Continue reading

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A stand against sexual harassment ends with sexual harassment

Yesterday there was a planned stand in Tahrir against sexual harassment as for Wednesday and Thursday many girls and women reported being sexually harassed. It was scheduled to start at 6 pm in front of Hardee’s on Tahrir square but we … Continue reading

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